Multilayer Labels

• Low Cost Multi Page Labels

• 2 - 56 Pages

• Individual Codes Available

• Ideal for competitions of X promotion

• Size and Shape to Suit

• Easy application by hand or inline applicator

Insignia Labels are a leading supplier of multilayer labels which are used extensively in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The innovative product design of these clever labels is simple yet sophisticated and is perfect for incorporating extensive information. Multilayer labels (or leaflet or multipage or booklet labels as they are sometimes known) can occupy the same area as a standard label but provide increased space on-pack on which to communicate. They are particularly versatile, offering solutions ranging from a two page peel and reseal right up to a 36 page information label and the fold-out style is ideal for applications where space is limited.

The top layers of the multilayer label can either be glue hinged so that the information remains with the pack, particularly important for pharmaceutical products, or completely removed, perfect for promotional or competitive uses. These multilayer labels are supplied on rolls and can be applied to product as a single label using manual, semi or fully automatic standard in-line label application equipment, removing the need for additional machinery investment.

In today's world, products often carry significant amounts of information. Copy space is rapidly diminishing as product labels are filled with regulatory, multilingual, instructional and promotional copy. Often, important sales information is left off because it is displaced by regulatory copy.

These products are used across many industries and for many applications, for example in the agrochemical and pharmaceutical industries where legislation requires; comprehensive product information, dosage and user guidelines, instructions on how to use the product, it's possible side effects, storage instructions, details of the manufacturer and licence holder, safety messages for the user, bar-codes and other details which are not possible to position on a standard label. The concept of this product is that it still only occupies the same area as a conventional label, but provides the end user with much more information.

Other applications may include promotional activities where the multilayer label is used on pack promotions to include for example; money off coupons, recipes, competition entries, vouchers, mail in offers, free prize draws, instant wins or special offers. So whether you are a specialist pharmaceutical or chemical manufacturer, licence holder, advertising or marketing agency, food producer, packaging supplier or retailer, we specialise in providing the highest quality, cost effective multilayer labels of any size, shape or colour in small to large sized runs.

Our full colour or black and white multilayer labels can include many features such as; any image, product technical data, variable batch, lot and product code numbers, usage or storage instructions, bar-codes including the 2D matrix code, dates, Braille to comply with new European Legislation, sequential numbering, variable patient information, industry standard pharmaceutical codes and can also be personalised to suit your individual needs and branding requirements.

These labels are ideally suited for products sold into export markets where a multi-lingual, multi-page option means one label for all exported products rather than individual labels for each language, so reducing costs.

Specialists in Multilayer Labels

We produce a variety of secure and reliable multilayer labels in a safe environment so if you are looking to improve the impact of your labels or launching a new product then please give us a call. The multilayer labels can be made from a range of specialist paper, card or robust filmic materials to add a unique touch to your brands and these labels are glued not stapled to satisfy healthcare regulations. Specialist materials are available for extreme applications, environments, storage or handling conditions. Whatever type of multilayer labels you are looking for, we have got the answer, so please give us a call.

Supplier of Multilayer Labels

Insignia Labels strive to offer the most flexible printing options for your multilayer labels, using the latest printing processes. Our range of label printing presses are ideally suited for the manufacture of small to large sized runs of multilayer labels and we manufacture multilayer labels on rolls in a variety of sizes, which enables us to serve this market to a high standard.

By working closely with customers, advertising agencies and marketing departments, our research and development team can create the right promotion for the product, which when coupled with our extensive label printing experience can provide a solution for all your multilayer label requirements to deliver efficient, dependable communication products that deliver tangible results.

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