Case Study:
Multipage Label Solution for a Chemical Company

A large international chemical company with warehouses and offices around the world supplies a range of specialist chemicals for multiple business sectors such as the mining, oil & gas and construction sectors.

Their products are supplied in a variety of pack sizes and they had to produce labels in many different European and other languages such as Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, Japanese, Russian, Turkish and Cantonese. The language combinations used varied upon the Health and Safety requirements of the product and the markets they were supplying.

The main label challenge facing this Company was to effectively label their packs in multiple languages to facilitate distribution of stock to regional distribution centres, whilst at the same time ensuring compliance with European and other national health & safety legislation.

The solution was to collate all the individual labels for each product from all their markets into a single multipage label for each product and pack size so that only one label was used globally for each individual product line.

This dramatically reduced their labelling costs but more significantly for the Company, was that they were able to reduce their total global inventory holding as their warehouses only needed to stock a single product rather than products printed with each individual language.

By centralising their labelling management, the Company was also able to ensure compliance with global packaging and labelling legislation by employing specialist staff with the knowledge and responsibility for ensuring compliance with the ever-changing legislation surrounding the production, distribution, sale and storage of chemicals issued by a myriad of different authorities around the globe, rather than relying on local managers to keep abreast of their local requirements.

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