Case Study:
Peel and Reveal Label for consumer healthcare product manufacturer

A consumer healthcare product manufacturer wanted to create a modern look for one of their well known and long established products. They trialled various different label solutions and selected a three page peel and reveal design, which allowed them to carry more information within a limited space.

The labels had to be sequentially numbered to ensure control of the product through the production process and to use a dry adhesive finish on the labels they wouldn't leave any unpleasant stickiness on consumers fingers.

The Company were delighted that they had been able to bring the packaging for this well known and trusted family brand into the 21st century while at the same time maintaining its traditional values.

They believed that for their stockists and retailers, the new design offered higher brand visibility and a potential boost to sales as the label has a contemporary look, was more consumer friendly, clearer to read and had allowed more information to be incorporated into the same area occupied by a single label.

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