Case Study:
Peel and reveal collectable label for drinks manufacturer

A large international drink manufacturer wanted to promote one of its drinks with the aid of a label giveaway aimed at increasing brand loyalty and heightening market awareness of their products. As part of their marketing campaign, they ran a three-month promotion where the bottles would carry a series of themed labels.

It was critical for the Company that the design of the label would allow the incorporation of an attractive collectable, with minimum disruption to the existing label design and bottling process.

There were a number of constraints within the design brief concerning the implementation of a label promotion. Firstly, it was vital to them to maintain the existing level of brand awareness, which meant that the size or proportion of their existing recognisable brand logos could not be altered.

This presented a problem with the existing labels leaving no room to incorporate a separate collectable label without removing vital logos on the front label or the regulatory nutritional information and ingredients list label on the reverse of the bottle. As neither of these were viable options, a peel and reveal label was developed which allowed the printing of the nutritional information and ingredients list and promotional highlights on the front two pages of the label, whilst simultaneously incorporating the peel and reveal collectable label on the third page of the label.

One of the key reasons for utilising a peel and reveal labelling solution was its ability to be easily incorporated into an existing label design and to also be applied using standard label application equipment.

Secondly, pack security was a concern to the Company and they felt it was important that the promotional labels were not readily accessible and susceptible to pilfering. To ensure pack security, the collectable label was placed behind the twin page peel and reseal label, preventing ready access by people who had not purchased their product.

The drinks manufacturer reported that they have seen a positive impact on consumer sales and brand loyalty, with 'positive consumer feedback' on their promotional campaign. The Company regarded this promotion as a marked success and believed these collectable peel and reveal labels were a valuable marketing tool for other promotional campaigns they may at some point run for other products in their portfolio.

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